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List of Paid Survey Sites for Teenagers Living in the United States

Are you looking for ways to earn some easy money online taking market research surveys?

The survey sites that are listed below will all pay teenagers living in the USA cash, gift cards or entries into sweepstakes. We do not list hundreds of sites, only the sites that we deem to be legitimate and worth joining. As well as being reliable and paying on time many will include other research opportunities such as survey apps, product testing and focus groups.

Remember all the sites we list at Teen Paid Surveys will always be 100% free to join. In fact it's you that will be paid by taking them!

To start receiving lots of paid surveys direct to your inbox each month just follow our 5 simple steps:

  1. Read the our short descriptions below and check that you are old enough to join.
  2. Click on the ‘sign up now’ link and fill in your information on the registration page.
  3. Go to your email and click on the link in the confirmation that you will have received. Until you confirm your email you won’t be a full member and therefore cannot receive any surveys.
  4. Repeat the above process until you have created an account at least 5 - 10+ survey sites. The more sites you register with the more you will earn.
  5. Login to each site you have created an account with and fill in the required profile information. Then just sit back, relax and wait for the surveys and extra money to start rolling in!

USA Paid Survey Websites for Teenagers

The CFS Panel USThe CFS Panel USA is powered by one of the largest market research panels in the world, Cint. This is an exclusive panel and as such you won't be able to join it on any other website. Teenagers aged 14 and above are welcome to join, take surveys and be rewarded with $0.50 up to $10 for each. Once you have $8 or more in your account you can cash out and your money will be sent instantly to a Paypal account of your choice. If you don't want cash out to Paypal you can choose to have a $10 Amazon e-gift card instead.
Age: 14+
Survey Pays: $0.50 - $10
Reward: Paypal cash or gift cards

Swagbucks Swag Surveys is an exciting market research panel with 6.5 million members from all around the world. To date they have paid out over $25 million to their members. By joining today you will get surveys straight to your email for you to take part in. You can also login to your account at anytime to view the daily surveys. As a member you will also get the opportunity to earn more by submitting polls, completing special offers, searching the Internet, playing games, buying items online, watching videos and lots more. The surveys that they send here are very well paid some examples include gaming studies that pay $1.50 each, young adult studies that pay $5 each, health studies that pay £3.50 each or travel studies that pay as much as $40 each. Once you have just $5 in your account you can cash out your SB points for giftcards, music downloads, gifts or cash via Paypal. This is definately not one to miss out on!
Learn more about Swagbucks...
Age: 13+
Survey Pays: $1.50 - $40
Reward: Cash / Gifts / Gift Cards

Opinion Bureau - UK, USA & Australia **NEW**
Teen Paid Surveys Panel Opinion Bureau is a new survey site but is one of the highest paying offering up to $10 per survey you complete. By registering with them today you get a free $2 added straight into your account. Surveys pay a minimum of $1 each up to a maximum of $10. You can earn an extra for every friend you refer to the site. Once you have just $10 in your account you can cash via a number of payment options including Paypal cash, Amazon gift card, flipkart coupon or other shopping gift cards.
Age: 14+
Survey Pays: $1 - $10
Reward:Cash via Paypal / Amazon or other Shopping Gift Cards.

Survey Rewardz
SurveyRewardsSurvey Rewards is a new and exclusive survey site that matches you up with the best fitting surveys. This means that you will be matched up with lots of surveys that match your profile and you won’t be screened out as often. As soon as you have registered and you login to your account you can start taking surveys and earning money straight away. There is a range of payment options including Paypal, cheque, virtual Visa card or Amazon vouchers. You can cashout to Paypal with as little as $1 (£0.80) in your account or via the other payment methods with a minimum of just $5. (£4) As the minimum payments are so low many people have reported getting their first payment after just 1 or 2 days and earning loads more money after that!
Age: 13+ (Under 18's require parent's permission)
Survey Pays: Varies
Reward: Cash

Savvy Connect Panel
YouGov Sign upSavvyConnect is the brand new and exclusive PC, tablet and smartphone app from popular market research site, Survey Savvy. By registering and downloading a small app to your PC, tablet or Smartphone you will earn cash rewards for doing nothing! The app sends them information about what you do online and that data is used to improve the Internet which helps to create a better online experience for everyone else. Simply keep the app installed for 30 days or more and cash will be sent directly to your account. As part of the SurveySavvy Connect panel you will also receive paid surveys where you can earn more cash. Once you have just $1 in your account you can request payment via check which is fast tracked and sent within 1 week. You must be aged 13 or above and live in the USA to join.
Age: 13+
Survey Pays: Varies
Reward: Cash

Yougov.comYouGov allows you to voice your opinions and earn cash whilst doing it. The majority of surveys at YouGov are payable in points redeemable for cash. Occasionally you may get an entry into their sweepstakes which offer cash prizes. You will get on average 500 - 1000 points for each 5 - 10 minute survey you complete. Once you have 30,000 points you can cash out for $25 cash sent directly to your bank.
Age: 14+
Survey Pays: 500 - 1000+ points
Reward: Cash

Harris Poll Online
HPOLHarris Poll Online (HPOL) is one of the oldest and most trusted market research companies. They offer you the chance to take part in online surveys, online and offline focus groups, telephone surveys and mail assignments. For completed surveys and any that you are screened out early from you will receive HIpoints. Once you have 1250 HIpoints you can redeem a $10 gift card for one of many stores including Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks, Walmart, ESPN and more.
Age: 13+
Survey Pays: Varies
Reward: Gift Cards

Survey Downline
Survey DownlineSurveyDownline is a 100% free service where residents of The United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia can earn money by taking online surveys. Survey Downline is different to other survey sites as they share any money they earn with their members. For completing online surveys you will earn 35% and an additional 15% for referring your friends, this means that you may get paid up to as much as $20 (£13) per survey you take. Once you have just $20 (£13) in your account you can request payment via Paypal or Facebook Credits.
Learn more about Survey Downline...
Age: 13+
Survey Pays: Up to $20 (£13) each
Reward: Cash

Global Test Market
GMI USAGlobal Test Market (GMI) is owned by Lightspeed Research. The site offers online surveys which helps businesses develop new products and services. For your time you will earn market points, 1 point is approximately $0.05. Once you have 1200 market points $50 you can redeem gift cards, Paypal cash or a check. If you decide on a gift card you can choose many retailers including Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, Macy’s, Kohl’s or many more. Last year the site paid out over $32 million to their members.
Age: 14+
Survey Pays: Varies
Reward: Paypal Cash / Gift Cards

ACOP Registration pageAmerican Consumer Opinion is one of the largest survey panels available. Despite the name this survey site is open to new members from all around the world. For each online survey you take you will be rewarded with between $2 (£1.25) to $50 (£32.15) each and $25+ (£16+) for taking part in online focus groups. You can request payment by logging into your account and cashing out, payment will then be sent via cheque.Teenagers aged 14+ are welcome to join with parental permission.
Age: 14+ (With parental permission)
Survey Pays: $2 to $50 each (£1.25 - £32.15)
Reward: Cash

MySurvey USTeenagers aged 16 and over let companies know exactly what you think of their products and services by becoming a member of popular market research site, MySurvey. For each online survey that you complete you are rewarded with points. 1200 points can be redeemed for $10 cash or 1100 points for a $10 gift card. You can choose to have gift cards for Facebook credits, Amazon, iTunes, Macy’s, Boston Pizza, The Olive Garden, Aldo, Payless Shoes or many more. You can also choose to redeem your points for cash via Paypal. To earn more points you may occasionally be asked to test products or take part in webcam surveys.
Age: 16+
Survey Pays: Varies
Reward: Gift Cards / Cash via Paypal

Hiving - Available Worldwide **NEW**
Teen Paid Surveys Panel By joining the Hiving Panel you are rewarded with Hiving points every time you complete market research surveys on a variety of different topics. Once you have 4000 points in your account you can convert them to $4 cash which is sent via Paypal. Alternatively you can save up your points and cash out 8000 for $8 or 12,000 for $12. As well as taking surveys you can also refer friends to earn additional points and you may be given the opportunity to test new products and services before they are released. Anyone aged 15 and above can join however if you are a teenager aged between 15 and 18 you must get parental permission.
Age: 15+ (Under 18's require parental permission)
Survey Pays: Varies
Reward: Cash via Paypal

Opinion Outpost **NEW**
Brand Institute - Available Worldwide By joining up with Opinion Outpost you will have the opportunity to help businesses, governments and public bodies improve and adapt their products and services. For your time and efforts you will be rewarded with cash and other rewards, any money you earn will be paid instantly to your Paypal account. For each online survey you take you will also be entered into a draw to win $12,000 cash.
Age: 14+
Survey Pays: Varies
Reward: Instant cash via Paypal

Mint Vine - Worldwide **NEW**
Mint Vine Mint Vine is a new paid survey site with thousands of members that is very different to other survey sites. As well as getting paid for giving your opinions you are also paid for taking offers, referring your friends and taking quick polls on their website. They also have a brand new section called the Mint Roll where surveys are based on your behaviour as well as your opinions. There are 3 Mint Roll surveys sent out every week which take just 7 minutes to complete and each reward you with $2 each. For signing up today you will get $2 added straight into your account and $5 for completing the profile information. Once you have reached just $10 you can claim your money which is sent straight into your Paypal account within 24 hours.
Learn more about the Mintvine...
Age: Any (Under 18s require parental permission)
Survey Pays: Varies
Reward: Cash via Paypal

Cashback Research Cashback Research is a new and exciting survey panel that pays you in cash for taking surveys. You can earn up to as much as £55 per survey you complete. The survey dashboard is at the heart of their service. The survey dashboard allows you to find daily surveys, manage your earnings and request payouts. To cash out you ned to earn £10 in the UK, $20 in the USA and $30 in Canada or Australia. You can choose to receive your money to a Paypal account or gift vouchers. By signing up with them today you will get a free $5 (£3) to get you started.
Age: 18+
Survey Pays: 50p up to £55+
Reward: Cash / Gift Vouchers

VIP Voice
VIP VoiceVIP Voice is a new and unique survey site with a difference. Share your opinions on products and services that you use. In return you'll be treated like a VIP, with the chance to win vacations, electronics, gift cards, cash and other prizes. For each survey you complete you earn points. The points in your account can be used in Bidland or Sweepland. In Bidland you bid on auctions to win prizes and in Sweepland you use your points to enter sweepstakes. Winners on the site have won anything from HDTV's, laptops, thousand of dollars in cash or gift cards.
Age: 13+
Survey Pays: Varies
Reward: Bids / Sweepstakes

Survey Savvy
Survey SavvySurvey Savvy is one of the biggest market research panels in the world with over 1.5million members. You will not only be paid for each online survey that you participate in but if you refer your friends you will also be paid for theirs too. Make sure you complete your profile in full when you register with SurveySavvy so you will receive as many as possible. You will be paid in cash which is sent to you by cheque.
Age: Any
Survey Pays: $1 - $25+
Reward: Cash

TellwutTellwut is a survey platform where you can earn rewards for taking surveys, taking and creating polls and referring your friends. After you complete each task you will get points added to your account. Once you have 10,000 points you can cash out for a number of different $25 gift cards from store that include Walmart, Amazon, Starbucks, Home Depot and more. You can also choose movie, restaurant and VISA prepaid cards. For signing up today you will get 100 points, for filling in the account information 200 points and for referring your friends 25 points each.
Age: 18+
Survey Pays: Varies
Reward: Gift Cards


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