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Survey Questions

Is it safe to take online surveys?

Yes, it is safe to take surveys online with reputable online market research companies as listed on Teen Paid Surveys. We would never advise joining a survey panel that asks you for any money to join, all you will find inside these sites is a list of market research companies that you can get here for free.

What exactly are paid surveys?

Companies around the world need to understand exactly what people think of their products and services, whether they are already being sold in shops or are due to be released. In order to do this they hire market research companies who create online surveys in order to gather information from consumers.

Why should I take surveys?

The two main reasons why you should take these online surveys is to have your say in how products and services are developed in the future, which will help shape company decisions. The other main reason is so you can earn some extra money or vouchers from the comfort of your own home.

How do I take part?

You need to register with as many survey sites as possible so you can be sure that you will receive a nice amount of online surveys on a regular basis. After registering your information will be placed into a database, when a study becomes available that matches your profile information you will be sent an invitation to participate.

What should I look out for to make sure the market research company is legit?

To ensure that the site that you are registering with is reputable always look out for their contact information and a privacy policy. All the sites listed at Teen Paid Surveys will always have both of these.

What information will I have to provide when registering?

When you registering with survey sites you will mostly be asked very basic information, such as your interests, hobbies and your age. You address or bank information may also be required so payment can be sent to you for completing the Surveys.

How old do I have to be to join each market research site? Are teenagers allowed to join and get paid?

Some sites do only allow people of certain ages to join, teens are welcome at the vast majority of sites, look out for the 'age range' in our descriptions to find out in you are old enough to join each site. Some paid survey sites do not have an age restriction so anyone of any age can join.

Will teenagers be paid in cash for completing the surveys?

Yes, if a site states that cash is rewarded and you are the right age to join, then teens will receive a cheque through the post for their participation.

Will I need my parents consent to register on each of the survey sites?

No, most sites do not require your parents consent. If teens parental consent is required this will be clearly stated within our descriptions.

Will my information be sold?

No, each market research company has rules and regulations that they have to abide to stay open, so they will never sell your e-mail address or contact information to other companies.

Why should I fill in the profile information?

Quite simply so you can get as many surveys as possible sent to you. The more information you provide about yourself the more chance you have of recieving paid surveys from each market research company.

How old do I have to be to register?

As you navigate around our site you will notice that we have specified what age you have to be to join each survey site.

Are there any costs to join online survey sites?

No, legitimate market research sites will never require a fee to join.

How will I be contacted to participate in a survey?

Most companies will send you an e-mail when there is a survey that matches your profile information is available, some will provide a members area where you can log in and view the latest survey opportunities. In the members area you will also find polls, quizzes and various competitions all of which can earn you extra cash or points for your participation.

How often will I receive paid surveys?

This will differ from site to site although from the bigger paid survey sites, you should be averaging at leat 10 - 20 per month as long as your profile is completed in full.

The more market research sites you register your details with the more frequently you will receive them.

How long to surveys take to complete?

On average each survey should take between 5 - 25 mins, although the longer the survey the more money or rewards you will be given.

How will I be paid after taking surveys?

The reward you will receive for taking each online surveys will be clearly stated in the survey invitation that is sent via email. If the reward is cash then usually a cheque or Paypal payment may be sent to you a week or two after the study is complete, cash may also be added to your account at each site and you will be able to claim it once you have accumulated a set amount. Other market research sites may pay you in points which may be redeemable for cash or shopping vouchers once you have built up enough.

What countries can participate?

Almost any country from around the world can take surveys, although some countries may give you more work than others. On this site we list UK paid surveys, Australian Surveys, and International Survey Sites where anyone around the world can take part.

What rewards will be given to me for completing each survey?

You will be rewarded with either cash, points which can be usually exchanged for high street or online git vouchers or entered into various prize draws for completing the surveys. To find out more information on what rewards are givin check out our main teen surveys page.

Can I make thousands per day taking surveys?

No, although you can earn some extra pocket money or shopping vouchers on a regular basis you will not become rich overnight. Any site that tells you anything else is lying. Taking online surveys are an enjoyable part time job that you can do from home, where else could you earn £10 for 20 minutes answering questions on sweets and chocolate?

Teen Paid Surveys WebsiteReasons Why You Are Rewarded In Cash for Taking Online Surveys

The amount you be rewarded with for taking each online survey is entirely at the market research site's discretion. The way they work out how much to pay each member is worked out based on how much their client is paying them for the study. If for example they were receiving £50,000 for a study which had to be sent to 100 people it would be unlikely that the survey takers would be paid any more than £70 - £80 each otherwise the market research site would not make any profits.

So why do market research sites offer cash payments to their members if this cuts into their own profits? The reason for this is to boost response rates. For example if people were sent an online survey that offered you no reward for completing it and another which was worth £20, its guaranteed that the one worth £20 would have a much higher response rate and get many more completes.

A recent study that was performed by a market research company concluded that all survey takers should be offered some kind of reward whether it be cash, cash prize draw, vouchers or another incentive to both increase response rates and to reward people for their time and efforts.

To sum all this up, by offering better incentives and rewards to survey takers means that not only will it increase response rates but also the community of each site will be much happier. This will lead to larger survey participant groups in the future and better data for the company that has paid for the study.


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